Instagram (also generally shortened to Insta or IG) is an American social media platform that promotes video and photo sharing through its Apps. Insta is designed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and is owned by Facebook, and initially introduced on iOS in October 2010. In April 2012, the Android version was broadcasted, came next by a characteristic-particular desktop communication in November 2012; then in June 2014 a Fire OS application was launched, subsequently, in October 2016 an application for Windows 10 was launched.

The app enables people who use Instagram to upload photos and videos that can be made more attractive by editing it with filters, and oversaw by hashtags and tagging. The app also has the feature of putting stories regarding anything you wish to. The question then arises, how to see who viewed your Instagram story?

Instagram story

You can promote pictorial content for your followers to communicate with simple comments, likes, and shares. Photos and videos could be shared publicly or with followers. Instagram users may search for different users’ media by tags and locations and can see trending content.

As Instagram possesses many features including Instagram stories, in this article we guide you step by step to how to see who viewed your Instagram story? Before that know what are exactly Instagram Stories and its features?

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a characteristic in the insta app which can be used by the users to capture and upload relevant videos and images in a slides design. You can easily enhance your stories with the particular features of the outstanding social media app.

Instagram Stories was introduced in August 2016, and at that time it was originally denounced for standing extremely identical to the Snapchat feature- My story.

In both, Instagram and Snapchat, the photos and videos are visible for just 24 hours from the time of posting. There are various features like the user can add text, put emojis to photos or video clips.

As per Instagram, Stories are created for family and friends to show several activities of their lives to those they are personally related to. The characteristic creates it feasible for users to exhibit much content instead of gathering extra content on their Instagram page.

The feature- Instagram stories, can be used by the companies to advertise their commodities or services in extent in the course of upholding a decent basic Instagram page.

Instagram stories feature can moreover be made used to facilitate fun, permitting celebrities to carry an additional fast, immediate contact with their followers. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram users can begin live videos and can communicate to their followers and after it's ended can save the full video to their Stories

Instagram Stories also has the feature of adjusting the privacy settings, Users can select who can see and who cannot see their stories. Users can change their profiles to private, even if stories are public automatically, which enables just accepted followers to view their posts

Instagram has emerged to be one of the best social media apps for multiple to post regular photos and videos stories regarding their trending challenges or the way they are handling and utilizing the lockdown. Presently, assuming that you have placed an Instagram story, hence for obvious your followers must have ultimately viewed it.

A tiny eye icon and the digit of followers and who have viewed your story get visible at the lowermost left, instantly as the one follower sees your story.

Now the question arises, How to see who viewed your Instagram story? So, you have to go through some easy steps, if you wish to view who has seen your story. Now, Here given below are the steps that will guide you to look who glimpsed your Instagram story.

  1. Firstly, open your Instagram app on your mobile or any other device.
  2. Second, you require to open your insta story and go up on the screen
  3. You will be able to know viewed your content in your story, as the number and username of the viewers get displayed.

In case you have posted many video clips or photos in your Instagram story therefore you have to shift in the middle of every part to observe how many followers have viewed your story.

Instagram stories are available for 24 hours and get disappeared after that. But, if you are eager that you have not checked who viewed your stories and it has been extra than 24 hours after posting the story, hence you can relieve tension as you can see who viewed your stories in the 48 hours.

So, here are steps that you can pursue to see how many followers have viewed your Instagram story after 24 hours.

  1. Firstly, open your Instagram app on your mobile or any other device.
  2. Second, click the Menu icon ( three horizontal lines) in your Profile.
  3. Click Archive among the given alternatives.
  4. Then go to the story of which you want to see the viewers
  5. Click on the story and move up on the screen

Thus, you will be able to see the number of followers who have viewed your story. Note that this evidence is just apparent to you, none can see how many users have viewed your story.