Instagram has definitely become a vital part of social lives and though it is comfortable to use them on phone, we often wonder if it can be used on the PC. It makes things so simple and easy.

You won't have to keep checking your phone each time there's a notification, you can just have Instagram on the next tab. Some people use DSLR to capture pictures while some manage their Instagram accounts for business, it is convenient for them if Instagram can be used on PC.

instagram on pc

Although there are options to transfer pictures to a smartphone by connecting it or through google drive, it is a slightly complicated process. There are many ways to access Instagram on PC, here are some of the ways through which you can use Instagram on PC:

Through Instagram's Web Version

This is one of the best ways to access Instagram on PC and it doesn't require any third-party application. Open a web browser and go to and log-in to your account.

It is very similar to the mobile version and you can view the account, browse profiles, and also receive updates. You can also like, comment, and minimize the browser.

Although there are few actions that you can't do such as upload photos and videos, apply filters, and tag people. However, these actions can be performed through the web browser.

1. How to post on Instagram on PC

Though the official Instagram website doesn't allow you to post on Instagram through PC. There are few simple steps through which you can post on Instagram through chrome.

Step 1: Open Instagram on PC and log in. Then right-click and select 'Inspect' in the options, it opens the inspector tool in chrome. You will see a huge list of code but do not get confused, ignore most of them. Look for a small icon on the top in the shape of a phone, click on it and you will notice a change in the screen.

Step 2: In the options, you will see the 'responsive' option, select it. Once you click that, you will see a bunch of different phones and tablet options. Select your device.

Step 3: Screen shows 90%, click the area then it gives an option 'Fit on Window'. Select it and do the alignment. However, every time you use it, there might a shift in the screen which is normal.

Step 4: Now you will see a screen that is similar to Instagram on mobile. Then you will see '+' sign to upload photos, click on it and select a picture from the computer. It will take you to the editing screen, select the part you want to use, and click on 'next'. Then you will the posting page, you can now add the caption and share the image.

instagram on pc

2. How to go live on Instagram on PC

Along with posting, the official Instagram site doesn't allow you to go live on PC. However, there are several ways to go live on Instagram on PC through third-party apps and browsers. Here are some alternatives:

Android emulators

This is the best solution out there for this problem. By installing this on your PC, it will allow you to use android apps on the PC the same as they appear on mobile.

To install Instagram through an Android simulator, then you can go live on Instagram on PC just like on smartphones.

Third-party appst

If you look up for a third-party app to go live on Instagram on PC, you will come across hundreds of them. However, this comes at a risk as you will use your log in details on these apps and it is of utmost importance that you ensure the third-party app you choose is safe.

3. How to message people on Instagram on PC

The desktop version of Instagram also does not allow you to message people on Instagram on PC. We have a solution for that as well! Read through to find out two ways to be able to message people on Instagram on PC.

On Google Chrome

  1. The first thing to do is make the computer screen look like the smartphone screen.
  2. Open the chrome browser and open
  3. Log in to your Instagram account.
  4. Right-click on the screen and select 'Inspect'.
  5. You will see a screen filled with codes, do not get confused or stressed out with it. We have nothing to do with these so don't make any changes. Just navigate to the top of the pop-up window and find an icon that looks like a tablet. This is called the 'Toggle Device Toolbar' and here select the 'Responsive' option here.
  6. Then refresh the page.
  7. Now close the inspect window.
  8. Once all these steps are performed, you will a direct message short cut in the top right corner of the screen. You can click on it and message on Instagram just like on the smartphone.