The face of social media is changing every day and therefore its scope is also getting wider and wider. It is observed in some research that by the coming years the digital industry and social media will boom drastically and thus there is a huge competition between all the social media platforms to win this race.

What all major platforms can you think of when you hear the word social media? Yes, we can think of all the popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter only. These are the major social media platforms globally on which a person spends an average of hours per day.

These social media platforms are working hard to get ahead of each other in the coming years and therefore all these companies keep changing the application interface, user interface, timely updates and many more.

One such application is Instagram on which we are going to discuss today. Instagram is very dynamic in nature since it was launched in the year 2010, it has kept updating itself according to the users and their taste and preferences.

Instagram Dark Mode

From giving space to write your biography to posting stories Instagram has grabbed the attention of major population globally.

Recently Instagram launched Reels which proved to be a huge success. Themes in applications look great and therefore some of the apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram and many others provide inbuilt themes and modes which facilitates the user. We are going to discuss about one such mode further in this article so stay tuned!

Instagram Dark Mode:

Sounding like the Batman’s Dark Night series the Instagram dark mode is actually a darker version of the original Instagram in respect with the graphics and the user interface.

Instagram Dark Mode is basically a theme which the Instagram application provides its user with. The darker theme can be opted by any user which turns your Instagram from light white interface to a blackish theme which actually looks great.

The same kind of theme is also provided in WhatsApp also in which the user can go in the chat options and actually choose between three themes provided by the WhatsApp.

The Instagram Dark mode looks very attractive and catchy and is very popular amongst the youth. The reason why Instagram launched this mode is because of the public demand and changing device specifications. As other utility apps were providing a dark mode on their platforms, people using Instagram also asked for dark mode Instagram.

The developers recently came up with exciting dark mode Instagram feature which literally changes every bit of your Instagram to a black and dark thing.

How to Turn on the DARK MODE on Instagram:

Since the Instagram Dark Mode has been introduced recently the first step you need to do is to update your Instagram from play store, you need to have the latest updated version of the Insta app. Then you will have to go to your phone's settings and the go into display setting. You’ll have to do this because Instagram does not provide you with any inbuilt button or option to switch to the Instagram dark mode.

When you enter the display settings you will find an option for dark mode what you have to do is you just have to enable it by pressing the switch towards right. As soon as you do this your phone would adapt itself into a dark theme and all those apps which support the dark mode will turn themselves into it.

The dark mode is applicable on all the latest versions of android and iOS and therefore if you have android version up to KitKat you can easily transform your phone into dark mode.

Why is the Instagram Dark Mode important?

The colors and bright screen which seems vibrant to us during day time can actually be very harmful for the human body and this is when the dark mode does its magic and turns the brightness level low to work effectively during night also without harming our body.

The dark mode proves to be a very useful mode as it saves us from the harmful rays which attacks us directly from the bright screen of our mobile phone.

The main concept of this mode is turning all the white elements in your mobile phone to warmer color or simply black. This includes phone icons, options and browser screen.

The major reason for the importance of dark mode Instagram is power saving. Now a days all the mobile phones come with an OLED display and therefore it consumes a lot of battery therefore switching your phone to dark mode would ultimately save huge amount of your battery life.

Instagram in a dark mode looks very premium and sexy. Yes, the dark background changes the overall user experience and the app looks catchy. This attracts a lot of people to register and use the app sometimes.

So, we can conclude that Instagram Dark mode is basically a feature provided by Instagram application where you can just put on the dark mode and transform your Instagram into a darker version. This dark mode is very helpful for both people and the mobile phone.