The Bluetick next to the Instagram username is a seal to prove the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or brand. Bluetick in simple terms indicates that the account is verified by Instagram. Anyone can apply for Instagram verification for both personal accounts and business accounts. Here we will let you know how to get a blue tick or verified on Instagram and also share a few simple tips on the go.

How to get a blue tick or verified on Instagram

There are people out there with multiple Instagram accounts. While logging in, log in to the one you want to get verified for.

How to get blue tick or verified on Instagram

1. Log In to your Instagram account

There are people out there with multiple Instagram accounts. While logging in, log in to the one you want to get verified for.

2. Place a request for account Verification 

  • Go to the menu option in the top right corner of the profile or click on the three horizontal lines.
  • Then select the settings icon at the bottom of the menu screen.
  • Click on Accounts option
  • Scroll down through this page, you will find 'Request verification' option. Click on it.

3. Confirmation

This steps involves the confirmation process of your identification.

  • Type the Instagram account name in the given field and fill the following:
    • Full name: Enter your full name as per the government records, preferably as it is in the one your going to submit to get a blue tick or verification.
    • Known as: This could a nick name or the company or by the name people know you. Enter it here.
    • Category: There are various categories available in here to select from, such as news/media, business /brand/ organisation, government, music, fashion, entertainment, blogger, sports, influencer, etc. Select one of these options that is best suited the your Instagram account.
  • In the next step you will be asked to upload a copy of your government photo ID proof. For personnel, you can upload ID proofs like government issued ID card, driver's license or passport. If it is business account, then you can upload tax return, articles of incorporation or utility bill in the name of the company. It is very crucial that the name on the document you upload matches with the 'Full name' mentioned.
  • Click on Send.

After you click on Send icon, Instagram will review your application for authenticity, completeness and notability of the account based on the details you have entered. There is no charges involved to get the account verified. However if you receive a mail asking for any charges or any other information other than whats mentioned above, then it is surely an attempt scam you. Such Email is not from Instagram.

How to get blue tick or verified on Instagram

Do's and Don'ts to get blue tick or account verified on Instagram

Instagram clearly states that account verification is not guaranteed once you send an application. It depends on various other factors and there are high chances of the account going unverified if the profile is not maintained well. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to help through the process and increase the chances of getting the account verified.

Things you should take care of

Maintain a Good Bio:
This is one of the first criteria to tip your chances of getting the blue tick. Complete the Instagram profile with correct information about you or the company if it is a business account. This is at most the deciding factor to verify an account or not.

Instagram also looks for your online presence in various sources. The best way to increase your online presence would be by writing and sharing content with news organizations if you have a worthy piece of information. Also, mention such information in the news sections of the blog. This increases your visibility online. Any paid content that adds up to this does not count.

Instagram guideline to get an account verified says that there should at least be one post every day. But to be extra sure and appealing to the team, post multiples times in a day and be sure to keep the content interesting and authentic. This will definitely increase your chances of getting the account verified.

Things you shouldn't do

Do not post links of other social media channels This is a big 'No' if you the account verified. Instagram strictly says that 'add me' links to other social media channels should be mentioned in the bio.

Do not use third party service

There are many scammers out there who sellc the Instagram verification but do not fall for it. Instagram does not approve verification or blue tick through any thirty parties.

Don't lose the blue seal after you get it

Instagram can always take away the blue tick from you or even disable the account if you don't stick to community guidelines. So continue to maintain the profile in good shape even after you get the blue tick.

How long does it take to get verified on Instagram?

The process of verification will take a couple of days so be patient and do not expect a response right away. Instagram will go through the profile and the details thoroughly and notify you whether the account is verified or not. You will receive the notification on both the notification tab in your Instagram account and also on the Email ID. However, if the account is rejected for verification, then you can apply once again after 30 days.